Saturday, August 14, 2010

And We Latched...

Raise your hand when you are latched!

Last week, 21 nursing mothers, 3 witnesses, and many little ones gathered at Nurture for the Big LatchOn. At 10:30am, with's help with synchronization, we joined 498 other Portland mamas in latching. One of our nurslings was not interested in latching, so we had 20 latches, making the official total 518 mamas all breastfeeding at thesame time in Portland.

We had a great time connecting with each other and sharing stories about our breastfeeding experiences. My favorite story of the day was from this mama who told us that her grandparents owned the house we are in! She told us that when she heard about the Big Latch On, she checked out the venues site list and was surprised when she saw that Nurture was at 1614 NE Alberta! She told me that the house still smells the same, which is amazing as our sense of smell is the strongest memory-inducing senses. I loved hearing about the memories of when she would be invited to visit her grandfather in his study, which was a privilege. His study is now one of our massage and acupuncture rooms. She came to join us with her daughter bringing a new generation to her grandparent's house, and so the great-granddaughter has been welcomed into the house.

A special thank you to our witnesses: Sarah, Juliette, and Lindsay and my Nurture co-organizer, Melissa Cole! Thank you to Joanne Edwards fro organizing this city-wide event. And most of all, thank you to all of the mothers and babies who came out to make the first Big Latch On in Portland such a fun and successful event.

I will post more pictures when I figure out how to connect my camera to this computer. case you are wondering, the Got Breastmilk? t-shirt in the picture above is on sale at Milagros. They also have bumper stickers.

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milagros said...

yay nursing families! looking forward to next year :)

We have got breastmilk? shirts and onesies for the wee ones, too. A portion of all sales support La Leche League.