About Nurture

Nurture is a center for growing families and community. We offer a broad range of supportive programs for families including:
A space for your family to tend to your hearts, minds, and bodies.
A place to gather, tend, share, and grow.
Nurture was started by a group of families, wellness professionals, and community members who came together to create new ways for families to build community, access wellness services, and share resources.
Is Nurture for me?
You are welcome at Nurture whether you are thinking about starting a family or already have a full house.  You will find support at Nurture f you:
  • Are seeking natural wellness and health care choices
  • Want to be a part of a vibrant community
  • Looking for ways to share resources
  • or all of the above
Our community is weaved together with four goals:
  • Gather: to gather together and form a connected and supportive community for families
  • Tend: to provide access to wellness services for families to be able to tend to their hearts, bodies, and minds
  • Share: to provide a forum for families to share resources promoting sustainable living and decreasing the impact on our planet
  • Grow: to provide programs for families to be engaged in their personal growth as well as the growth and betterment of their community
It is our mission to create a collaborative space for growing families to build community, find information, access sustainable and holistic resources, and find care and support.
We believe that families are healthier when they are informed, connected, and empowered.  Healthy communities grow healthy families, and we are working together to enhance the existing resources in Portland, OR.