Monday, August 16, 2010

Learning to sign with Shira from Tiny Talkers

I have always wanted to learn sign language, it is such a beautiful way to communicate. Beyond communicating with pre-verbal infants, I think sign language is an important language for children and adults to learn. When my son was 2 years old, he was really smitten with the alphabet. I taught him how to sign each of the letters, and he was doubly smitten. I think both of my children, even though they are older and talking, would love to learn to sign. So, I will be sharing Shira's videos and hoping to learn them myself and teach them to my children.

You can read all about the benefits and joys of signing with your baby on Tiny Talkers website. I know it has been a uniquely connecting experience for some of my friends with their babies.

I am thankful for Shira of Tiny Talkers for allowing me to share her Sign of the Week each week. (By the way...If you haven't met Shira, you really should! She is such a witty mama; her musings never fail to provoke a good laugh!)

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