Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another Belated Welcome, Welcome Krista Arias

I am still playing catch-up: Krista also joined Nurture during the great website migration. Krista also provided baskets full of love and support with said website journey. Thank you and welcome, Krista.

*Nurture Outreach Committee*


You can mother from a deep place of peace and knowing…… without all the worry.

You’re loving being, or becoming, a mama and you want to nourish your whole being: emotions body mind spirit. You want the best for your children. You want your family to be radiant. You want your community to be collaborative and connected. You are excited about connecting with the natural rhythms of your body and the earth, and finding harmony in the midst of a chaotic and disconnected world….

And yet, you have these niggling (or downright naggling) worries that you can’t shake completely, no matter how much advice or support you get….. I know how easy it is to feel overloaded by even the best advice and information. Its no wonder many women resign themselves to doing it all and neglecting their own needs, or give up, feeling isolated and inadequate.

So, wanna-be Earth Mamas….. I promise you, there is another way. A way in which you are the heroine of the story and your worries are attended to rather than dismissed. Where you grow effortlessly into your own rhythm, and that blossoms outward to your partner, your children, your community….. to the whole world.

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MamaMuse is for:

expectant, new, and seasoned mothers
daughters and future mothers
working mamas

and people who value:

Family and Community
Honesty and Healing
Commitment and Connection
Traditional Earth-Based Wisdom
DIY Simplicity and Sustainability
Inquiry and Contemplation
oh yeah, and Butter

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