Saturday, August 29, 2009

Introducing Nurture's E-Center!

I would like to introduce our newest Nurture offering...our e-center forums.

I have been a member of a couple of mother-focused forums and have really appreciated the connection, ideas, and support I have received on them...especially during the times in my life when getting out was difficult or late at night as I held my infants to get them back to sleep (typos are welcome on our board!). And because Nurture is all about supporting mothers and families, I wanted to create a space that would extend that support beyond our building, a space that can be accessed anytime.

So, here it is, after months of researching the best way to provide an e-space, it is up and running. I hope it grows and becomes a space where families can find support and e-village, if you will.

We have several categories up, and suggestions are, of course, always welcome...there is even a suggestions forum to provide a place for you to share your ideas or needs for both the e-center and Nurture the center. I hope that you will join us!

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