Friday, May 1, 2009

What a Lovely Name

Not sure what to name your next bundle of joy? What a Lovely Name helps parents decide on a name to fit a tradition, disposition, celebrity or other world.

African-American, Welsh, Chinese, American and 23 other traditions are there for your choosing and you can also pick boy or girl names to help narrow it down.

If you want an athletic, beautiful and happy baby name, then you should name your little girl Melodie. If you want a name that reflects a funny, creative leader, this site generated 3 different options (I'll let you see what they are for yourself).

Celebrity babies gives you endless name options from musicians, politicians, athletes and Hollywood types. 

Check out the site and feel free to share your favorite names with Nurture.

The Other Worlds option is great if you are a Trekkie, Harry Potter, Middle Earth, Narnia or Star Wars fan. Some examples include: Cyran, Aslan, Peridan and Darth.

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