Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nurture Welcomes Cobalt Coy

Nurture warmly welcomes Tara "Cobalt" Coy as our newest Family Wellness Professional Member. Cobalt is a massage therapist offering group Bowenwork at Nurture as well as massage and craniosacral work at her other office. Read all about her work below. Welcome, Cobalt!

LMT #15170

I love helping people. I've been that way since I was young. I'm fasinated with how different people or groups transform and heal. I'm always looking for ways to follow my river's current and assisting with others if they need help. "Don't push the river" is the line I love. Through the last 14 years of my practice, I've been looking for the way of least resistance. Massage teaches me to become aware, get in my body and participate. Craniosacral teaches me to listen for the subtle messages underneath the storm and follow. And Bowenwork teaches me that when you send a simple message to the healer within you, your body responds thru your breath, finds balance and begins again.

I'm excited to be a part of the Nurture collective. I love when people come together to unite great ideas. I am practicing Group Bowenwork Monday's 4-7pm at Nurture for $30-50. sliding scale, by appointment only. Group Bowenwork is where 2-3 people can be treated at a time, so bring your friends or family. Bowenwork is a gentle modality that uses minimal touch with precise moves, to create a resetting of the body's various systems. It elicits a deep relaxation and subtle or powerful re-alignment. I also practice at my home studio monday-friday, you can check out my prices and info at www.asimplebalance.net.

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