Thursday, December 23, 2010

Community Mother Art Tree Project: Collaborative Mural part 5

Where were we? Oh yes, the fifth piece!

The fifth piece to be featured (by the way, these are not being featured in any particular order) was created by Sally Peters. Sally is the founder and director of Speak Artloud, an (amazing) innovative social-profit organization that uses the arts to empower women and improve communities. On the Speak Artloud blog, Sally writes about her connection to art:
I do not consider myself an artist (I know, I know – we are all artists) but I do know that having art in my life makes me a better person.

Art helps me to better understand the world, others and myself, and art helps me feel connected to something larger and completely individual and unique all at once.

I do like drawing with pastels and making collages, I can get lost looking at art books and visiting museums feels like a sacred activity. I also really enjoy movies, theater and music.

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