Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nurture Welcomes Kimberly Smith

Nurture warmly welcomes Kimberly Smith. Kimberly has actually been a professional wellness member of Nurture for several months and has brought warmth and energy to our group and space. Kimberly is a massage therapist and also teaches infant massage classes. Read more about Kimberly below!

I am a licensed massage therapist with ten plus years of experience, as well as a middle and high school teacher with my Master of Arts in Teaching. I’m happily returning to the healing arts after a five year sabbatical. During this time, I was healing from a major health crisis, which I call, my “universal time-out,” working on a new career path of becoming a teacher and becoming a mama for the first time! All of these experiences have been fruitful and meaningful leading me to where I am today at NURTURE!

I look forward to reconnecting with past clients and building new clientele. My style of massage is a mixture of both eastern and western styles. I don’t have a specific name for it, but I tailor each session with what you need on that particular day. I have a background as an athlete, so I can focus attention on sports injuries and/or sore muscles from a good workout or I can just give you a time-out relaxation massage. I loved Shiatsu and learning about the meridians and ancient healing methods, so I often combine shiatsu with deep tissue and myofacial work. I believe that giving yourself time to be connected with your body is healing within in itself. I love helping people take time outs in this busy world we all live in. Hope you can come take a time out with me soon!

Client Testimonials:
"I’ve gotten quite a bit of massage therapy and Kimberly has my vote for the best Oregon has to offer. Though not a big person, her strength is consistent and surprising. Her hands find tension and knots like they are color-coded. She manages to make a very intense and healing massage also completely soothing and enjoyable. And to top it off, she uses wonderful products, has a happy energy about her and will make any sort of day your having much better. She’s a treasure for all her clients.”

“Kimberly is a natural healer. Not only do her hands find every bit of tightness and stress in your body, her gentle way of getting in deep without hurting you is astounding. She fixes things all over your body without you realizing it. You just walk out thinking you should visit her far more often.”

Hours: I am currently available for massages on Fridays 10-6 and some weekends.

Rates:$70.00/hr. & $90.00/hr. and a half

Packages: $180.00 for (3) 1-hour massages & $240.00 for (3) 90-minute massages Gift Certificates available upon request!

INFANT MASSAGE: I am happy and eager to announce that I have found a way to combine my love of massage with my passion for teaching by becoming an Infant Massage Instructor. Excited to get classes up and running in December 2010. More information coming soon!

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