Monday, November 1, 2010

Feeling stressed out at home? Your house may be affecting your mood

How does your house make you feel? Secure, relaxed, content? Or do you get that anxious or overwhelmed feeling when you look around your home?

When our home is disorganized, it affects our mood. We are profoundly affected by our environment, which we may not realize. Our disorganization creates stress – stress because we can’t find our keys, stress because the bills don’t get paid on time, stress because there is not much room for the kids to play, stress because we spend our weekends trying to catch up on housework rather than enjoying the time with our family.

Our clutter suffocates us.

But organization

liberates us. When you have clean counters in the kitchen and you can find all of your cookware, you are free to create healthy, yummy dinners for your family each night. When you have nothing stacked on your chairs, couches and coffee tables, you are free to entertain guests and your children will want to bring their friends over. When you have a dedicated craft space and a clear work table, you are free to feed your soul with your creativity.

If your home causes you frustration, exhaustion and stress, it’s time to reassess what you have filled it with. It’s time to ask yourself, have I made room for what is important to my family or has our stuff crushed our priorities?

MaryJo Monroe is a home organizing consultant and owner of reSPACEd, an organizing business that helps families regain control of their home. She is the newest member of Nurture and mama to a beloved 4-year-old.

MaryJo Monroe

Home Organizing Consultant


Anonymous said...

so very true.. my house goes from clean to messy and back again.. the stress I feel when it is messy can be overwhelming!

Anonymous said...

Or sometimes its reflecting my mood :))