Sunday, September 26, 2010

Heartwise Mamas: Supportive Group for Mamas Having a Difficult Time Settling into Motherhood

This supportive group is:
For women who are having a rough start on their journey of motherhood. Through rich guided discussions, story-healing activities, and gentle interactions with their baby, mothers become attuned with emotions, thoughts, and needs and engage and bond with their baby.

If you are:

  • traumatized from a difficult birth experience

  • feeling Motherhood shock (this is not what I expected)

  • feeling disconnected from your baby

  • feeling isolated, stuck, unsure, exhausted, or overwhelmed

  • searching for the missing you that you barely remember
...then this group is for you.

This group starts October 24th and will meet weekly at 12:30pm-1:45pm in 5 week segments. $20/group meeting or $90/5 group meetings. Please call or e-mail Mychelle Moritz to register 971-344-7527 or

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