Friday, September 24, 2010

The Birth Mother Experience: A Panel Discussion

Adoption, and rhetoric about adoption, is finding its way into mainstream media more often these days. The recent airing of several documentaries on adoption and its impacts on all members of the adoption constellation are raising challenging questions about the ethics of adoption as well as the very real impacts it has on individual families and children. And yet, even with all the recent media attention on adoption disruption, or the challenges that adoptive families and adoptees themselves face, the missing voice of birth parents rings loud and clear.

Consider joining Adoption Mosaic for its second annual Birth Mother Panel, held at OHSU on Saturday, October 2, 2010. The birth mother experience is an integral part of gaining a better understanding of adoption and the impact relinquishment may have on all members of the adoption constellation. Four local birth mothers, ranging in age from twenty-nine to sixty-eight years old, will tell their stories and share how their experiences have affected their lives in the past through the present. A question and answer session will follow the panel.

Here are some comments from last year's panel:

"I found it most helpful to see the change of how Birth Mothers are treated over the decades. it was also interesting to learn how giving up their child impacted their lives over the years." Professional

"There was integrity and openness. Really engaged and respectful audience. Great!" Birth Mother

"I think this is something that everyone included in adoption, including agencies, needs to hear." Adoptee

"These are voices I haven't heard before and I would like to hear even more from them and others like them. This was unbelievably helpful and useful." Adoptive Parent

"Invaluable information! You can't relate to these stories by reading only? This has to continue!" Adoptive Parent

"I felt it was very moving to hear the stories. It really made me feel for Birth Mothers when it is generally not something I think about. I wonder if my Mother's story is similar?" Adoptee

"I expected regret, but even in the Open Adoption experience the regret that was experienced was helpful to understand/hear." Prospective Adoptive Parent

"Wow, I am so glad that we are educating ourselves now before the process." Prospective Adoptive Parent

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