Friday, January 8, 2010

"Reclaiming Your Life Story" workshop Wed, Jan 20

Reclaiming Your Life Story:
From "if only" to "here it begins"
Wednesday, January 20 7-9pm
In Other Words Bookstore, 8 NE Killingsworth
suggested donation: $10

Do you find yourself wondering "if only" a lot? If only you had made different choices in your life -- a different partner, a different career, kids, no kids? If only you had more time, or more money? If only you didn't have to live this life you're stuck in, then things could work out for you? Then you could be happy?

If this sounds like you, it may feel like there is no way out of this dilemma. But in this workshop, we will dig deeper into the physical & emotional habits that lead to these feelings and find new ways of relating to ourselves, so that we can finally begin to tell the story we want with our lives.

This workshop is for anyone who is frustrated with where they are in their lives right now, and who are ready to examine patterns of thinking and acting that limit their happiness and creativity. My intention is to help us begin to see these subconscious patterns, and to turn them around to become the fire we need to consciously create our life story.

About the presenter
My name is Sarah Nuxoll, and I am a mother of two young children in Portland, Oregon. After several years of feeling frustrated and unhappy with my life, I began working toward deeper body-mind clarity and emotional and spiritual healing. Now I feel excited about engaging life, moving with my creativity, and allowing myself to feel happy telling the story I want with my life. In this workshop, I share insights from my experience as a woman, mother, and evolving spiritual practitioner who is devoted to helping each of us accept and embrace ourselves as we are, while having the courage to move toward healing.

For more information: please contact Sarah at 503-285-4906 or

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