Sunday, January 10, 2010

Movies for Children with Sensory Issues

Thank you to Urban Mamas on Facebook for sharing this information.

Canby Cinema 8 (in Canby, WA) has been hosting once a month movies for children with sensory issues. The movies are current movies, but shown with the lights partially on, the sound turned down, a 10 minute break in the middle, snacks, and the welcome of getting up and doing your thing during the movie. These movies, shown once a month on a Saturday morning, are not open to the general public. All families (and friends) with children who experience sensory issues are welcome. Robin Cottengim, mother of a child with autism-related sensory issues, discovered the idea on the Autism Society of America's website, searched for a theater to host, and helped coordinate Sensory Saturday Movies. In November 2009, Robin's dream of being able to take her son to movies without upsetting the crowd came true. Although the Canby Cinema 8 Sensory Saturday Movies are not officially a part of the Autism Society of America's Sensory Friendly Films, they have followed the arrangement closely.

I would love to see more theaters and other venues offering sensory-friendly activities, and I hope this event inspires Portland to create more events like this. Spread the word and support a great opportunity.

Here is a description of the movie events written by Robin Cottengim:

...For the ones that can not sit still or does not like loud noises then this is the place to watch your movies.We hope that families around the Portland Vancouver area will bring their special kids to enjoy a movie 2nd Saturday of every Month.

I know how hard it is to have your child sit for an hour in a half to 2 hours for a movie, it is pretty much impossible, right? We have the solution! Our kids will be able to get up and walk and dance as they watch the movie. The lights will also be turned up as well as the sound of the movie turned down. Wow that is going to be nice!!! Half way into the movie we are also going to turn the movie off for about 10 minutes so parents and kids can take a restroom break or just go get a snack from the snack bar (which there is a kids tray you can purchase). Then back to the movie for more dancing, walking and stretching as you watch the movie. Another great thing is that the movies will be on Saturdays at 10:00am. What makes that so nice is that it will not be open to the general public, so we don't have to worry about others. The kids will be safe and can not get out of the theater, NOW IS THAT GREAT!!!

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