Thursday, April 23, 2009

crafty/creative family: make tiny wooden dolls

If you were at our open house celebration then you are probably familiar with this project. These dolls are made using wood turnings. You can also use clothes pins or if you are feeling adventurous you could probably whittle your own shapes from a fallen branch.

Each doll has eyes and a mouth drawn on with a Sharpie marker. The clothes, fabric from SCRAP, and hair, left over yarn from projects-past, are simply glued on. Actually, the doll in the back has hair that is drawn on with the Sharpie. Any old scrap or bit will do for these sweet dolls: buttons, beads, paper, ribbon, whatever you have around the house.

My children love them. They love playing with them and they loved making them. We had art time outside on Tuesday because it was such a very beautiful day.

I did all of the drawing because both of my children are too young to do this part, but my son chose and glued on the fabric and hair (some assistance with the hair). My daughter chose the fabric and embellishments and pointed to where she wanted them glued on.

These dolls have become our Wee Garden Friends; since they were made outside we built a home for them in our garden and there they shall stay until the weather demands that we build a more waterproof, sturdy structure...or until we make so many dolls that a bigger home is needed!

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