Saturday, December 6, 2008

Story Time

I love stories. I believe we all have stories to tell...stories about our lives and experiences that affect us. Stories connect our hearts to our minds, ourselves to our communities, our generation to past and future generations, and stories can be very healing when shared in a supportive space. When I work with mothers, I am interested in the stories they have to tell about their past and present experiences and their hopes for the future. I am interested in what the stories hold, remind, evoke, and how they evolve over time. I also love illustrated stories...stories illustrated in any medium. Art therapy provides a powerful way to share, externalize, and see your story on a deeper level. Insight can be gained from sharing your story. As wisdom grows, the story evolves and heals. You cannot change your experiences, but your story about your experience can change and heal. You do not have to be a writer or an artist; the power of expressing your story is enough.

If you love to listen to stories too, check out Back Fence PDX on December 10th. Back Fence PDX is:
"...a rambunctious storytelling series dedicated to finding multiple viewpoints on a singular theme. Stories are true, raw, and performed without memorization, or notes and must be no longer than six minutes in length. We seek all manner of people — the very young, the very old, the odd and the passionate, the specialists and the wanderers and the curious — to tell their narratives, keeping the series unconventional and accessible."

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