Friday, May 2, 2008

Postpartum Body Image Ideas Part 3

Nurturing each other...

The postpartum mother can be celebrated and honored in similar ways that the pregnant mother is attended to in blessingway ceremonies and showers.

A postpartum celebration of the mother could be a tradition started among friends or family of women gathering to pamper the new mother with maybe a foot bath, back rub, and nourishing food. It could be a space to allow the mother to process her birth experience, share any new parenting challenges, or ask for advice or support within the safety of the circle of caring women. It could be a way to bring back the community spirit of the days when villages raised children together and mothers were supported by many postpartum. It could be a time to celebrate the mother body and nourish the mother emotionally.

You can promote positive postpartum body image by starting this tradition or something similar with your community of women.

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