Sunday, May 22, 2011

Little corners of the garden

The magic of a few days of fabulous weather brings big garden plans. Have you seen our yard? There is so much potential out there, a blank canvas waiting to be painted with life. Four raised beds, a stage-gazebo, lots of sun, lots of shade, lots of room...

Nurture members (more about that soon) are welcome (children and adults) to join us in the garden, get your hands (small or large) dirty, harvest goodies, play, rest, grow, and enjoy the abundance that will soon be.

Abby Wyers is our garden queen (queen Ab-bee?); she will be out there when she can to give the garden a little love and build community by growing food and beauty together with Nurture families in our seedling Growing Together in the Garden Program.

On Friday, to get things started, Abby, her two boys, me, and my two children planted 15 raspberry plants donated by my wonderful neighbors, Meg and Josh Prewitt. We also planted a few lily-like plants (not sure exactly what they are yet), and we have garlic waiting for a little corner. Strawberries and garden beds are next...

What would you like to see out there? Drop by and join us, bring a start or a few seeds or just come over to enjoy the development of a garden from scratch.

We have a little garden wish list if you have these things sitting around looking for a home:

  • dirt (organic)

  • small sandbox (with cover)

  • sand

  • a few small shovels

  • bird feeder

  • old mail box

  • logs/stumps

  • critter-free compost bin

  • chairs

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