Sunday, January 23, 2011

Portland, the Land of Many Resources for Families

Did you know that we have a community resource list? Actually, it would be more precise to say that we have several resource lists. While they are by no means exhaustive, they each contain a wealth of links or contact information for many resources both in Portland and a bunch that are national yet still relevant. If you are searching for something, check out the lists. Please let us know if you know of a resource that should be on the list (!

Community Resource List(s) Directory

The resources listed within these pages are of businesses, organizations, or people we know, know of, or have been given information about. The lists are meant to be resources not endorsements for a particular provider or business and are in no way exhaustive. We believe that finding the right fit is very important when it comes to finding a provider or service that is related to your health or well being. That is why we want to provide as many links to resources as we can. There is a wealth of services out there for growing families in our community. Many of the sites listed also have resource pages with additional resources listed.

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