Friday, December 3, 2010

Community Mother Art Tree Project: Collaborative Mural part 1

Inspired by the film screening of Who Does She Think She Is?, nine women collaborated on a 9-piece mural. Each of the nine women are quite busy, yet determined to create more time in their lives for art. Each woman who participated in this project committed to complete one piece of artwork, using media of their choice, with the only guideline of staying true to the minimal, central outline in order to preserve cohesion among the pieces.

The mural is a patchwork of beauty simultaneously symbolizing community and individuality. Each piece is strikingly different yet together they form an integrated portrait of strength. A tree was chosen as the theme for this mural because of the rich metaphor that trees hold: family, roots, growth, fruit, life, seasons, strength, nature, shelter....

Over the next two weeks, I will be sharing each piece one at a time with you, culminating with the mural assembled in all of its glory (please forgive my lack of photography skills).

I struggled with the decision of which piece to feature first, determining where on the tree to start. I have decided to start with the heart of the tree, the center piece, and then work my way around from there.

The center piece was created by Renita Christle Gerard:
I create because I have to. Something within me isn't happy unless I'm creating something be it a special meal, a painting, singing a gift for a friend.

I love trees and the spaces between the branches as well as the textures of the bark. The bark picks up colors as the light changes so trees are a ever fascinating subject.

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