Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nurture Welcomes MaryJo Monroe

Nurture warmly welcomes MaryJo Monroe as our newest Family Wellness Professional Member. MaryJo is a home organizing consultant with a heart for helping expecting families and new families create peace within their homes (what a great gift). Read all about her work below. Welcome, MaryJo!

Home Organizing Consultant

What does home organizing have to do with health?

Home organizing is about recognizing that our environment affects our physical and emotional health profoundly. I work almost exclusively with moms, and for the moms I work with, their clutter is affecting their relationships, parenting, finances, physical health, mood and self-esteem. My work involves transforming spaces into functional, healthy, comfortable and simplified environments.

How I can help

I help moms figure out their goals and priorities. Then we work together, going through each room and getting rid of whatever doesn’t fit with those goals and priorities. Moms learn to consciously choose what to allow into their lives. They learn how to make room for what is truly important.

I create new ways of storing things and new systems for home maintenance, like new ways of processing mail or doing the laundry. My goal is to buy as few organizing products as possible, and to create systems that are down-to-earth and simple. I steer clients away from trying to create magazine-perfect homes. And I never force anyone to throw anything away.


$45 per hour. All sessions are a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 4 hours.


Call 971-226-6055 or email to book a complimentary one hour consultation

More resources

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