Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Luna Lactation October Newsletter: Breastfeeding Benefits Moms Too

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October 2010
October 2010

months, their rates of breast cancer would drop by 11% and if these moms lactated for 24 months or longer the cancer rate would decrease by 25% or more. The greatest
benefits seem to be for premenopausal mothers that have delivered a baby and have lactated but there is also some
protection offered just through lactation. This opens up the possibility of
induced lactation, even for women that have not been pregnant, offering some degree of cancer

There are several
theories out there about why breastfeeding
reduces the risk of breast and other forms of cancer. Some theorize that
prolonged breastfeeding decreases the estrogen circulating in a woman’s body, some speculate that during lactation the
inner breast ducts are bathed in the

anti-cancer cells of       breastmilk. My                   personal opinion is that   anytime we allow the body to do what  nature intended it to do (give birth, breastfeed, etc) we are lowering our risks of various diseases simply due to the fact that our body was designed to go through certain                 processes.  And just like shifting the thinking from “breastmilk is best for                            babies” to “breastmilk is NORMAL for babies” we need to shift from “breastfeeding is best for moms” to “breastfeeding is NORMAL for moms”. Promoting breastfeeding awareness is a surefire way to decrease breast cancer rates. So rather than passing out pink ribbons, pass out breastfeeding literature and spread the word!

The knowledge that breast­milk cures ailments is not new. However the focus
usually tends to be on the benefits of human milk for babies. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so it is a good time to focus on just how vital breastfeeding is in the prevention of breast cancer (and many other
cancers and diseases).

There are a variety of
research studies that
examine the relationship of breastfeeding and breast
cancer rates. A common thread found amongst the studies is that the longer a woman lactates, the lower her chances of developing breast
cancer are. For example, if premenopausal mothers were to lactate for just 4-12

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Carla said...

This is great - people need to know how much healthier babies AND moms would be if everyone breastfeed for longer!!