Saturday, September 4, 2010

International Plastic Quilt Project

Nurture is joining the challenge to avoid single use plastics for 1 week by participating in the International Plastic Quilt Project#E82010. Any plastic that makes it into our lives during that week we make into an art piece that will be added to the quilt and displayed during First Thursday in the Pearl District.

Who will join us?

Join by registering at the International Plastic Quilt Project page (by October 17th). Make sure you list Nurture for the group, and then send an e-mail to us to let us know that you will be participating. Bring your artwork to Nurture on October 23rd at 12:30pm (right before the Who Does She Think She Is? screening); we can get a group photo of all of our pieces, and then I will deliver them to Create Plenty by the due date (October 25th).

Nurture is a gathering of families, wellness professionals, and community members who are coming together to promote the wellness of growing families and community. We believe that families are healthier when they are informed, connected, and empowered. Healthy communities grow healthy families, and we are working together to enhance the existing resources in Portland, OR.

We are participating in this project because we are concerned about the amount of toxins that our children are exposed to through plastics and the impact that plastics have on our planet. By decreasing the amount of plastics we bring into our homes, we are decreasing the exposure to those toxins and working towards eliminating the "need" for plastics in this world. This project is a great first step!

The International Plastic Quilt Project opening in Portland will be on November 4th.

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