Monday, March 29, 2010

Raising Children Holistically: An Introduction for Parents

Raising Children Holistically: An Introduction for Parents

To be held over 2 days from Friday evening April 2 from 6:30-9:30pm and Saturday April 3 from 8:30am-12:30pm.

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In our culture, the concept of well-child care has trained us to rely on doctors to treat the simplest of ailments from coughs and colds, to stomach aches and insect bites. Yet, taking care of our own children—keeping them well and treating them ourselves--can be the most empowering of experiences.

Using excellent nutrition as a foundation, we can raise functionally healthy children who respond well to supportive measures, such as home remedies, homeopathy, Bach Flowers and energy medicine.

In addressing nutrition, we consider questions such as can feeding our families really be simple? What do really need and what can we realistically expect from food? How did we develop our current understanding of and relationship to food? What environmental and food industry issues might play a role? How can we understand the emotional and energetic aspects of nutrition? How can we wade through the research, the books and the hundreds of “diets” to discover a healthy relationship with food? We will discuss and explore various dietary approaches with an emphasis on nourishing pregnant and nursing mothers as well as children. Food can be used to optimize health as it nourishes, heals and restores well-being.

We will discuss simple home remedies to address many of the most common ailments, drawing upon over twenty years of practical experience. Choosing safe and effective products is usually quite simple with the proper information. There is no medicine more profound or deeply healing than energy medicine. From addressing simple emotional hurts to physical bumps and bruises, from re-patterning harmful behaviors to accelerating healing in any area, energy medicine is THE medicine of the future. It has been proven to be useful in both acute and chronic imbalances. We will teach the foundation of EFT, and the basics of using flower essences and homeopathy.

This lecture provides an introduction to the concepts and tools available to us as parents in raising our children holistically. The content offers some of the key points contained in the 4-part series "Raising Children Holistically: A Series for Parents" which covers nutrition, home remedies, energy medicine and integration of practices into family life. Raising children with a holistic approach to well-being instills a confidence and attunement that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Jennifer's passion for working with women and babies was catalyzed by her own homebirths and her experience raising her children (born in 1988, 1992, 1998). Inspired by the healing of her own body through holistic therapies, she has raised her children from the premise that all life seeks its own well-being and acts in its own best interests. Primary is a trust that through the practice of raising vibrational energy, we allow the body’s intelligence to direct its own healing and restore homeostasis. She is committed to the protection and promotion of physiologic birth and breastfeeding, conscious parenting and holistic choices in healthcare and education. Jennifer is acertified energy healer (the Reconnection and Reconnective Healing), and has extensive education and experience in a range of holistic practices including homeopathy, herbalism, Bach Flowers, EFT, pranic healing, nutrition, intuition and home remedies and is certified in Past Life Regression. Jennifer is co-creator of the Sumati Home Remedy Kit. She is currently writing a book on the use of holistic practices for lactation consultants.

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