Tuesday, February 2, 2010

For the Love of Technology

I am ever so grateful to live in an age of technological connections. The ability to connect with others so far away, known so long ago, or who just would not have crossed my path otherwise, has been a blessing personally and professionally.

So much of Nurture has been built by way of connecting and communicating with others through the wonderful world wide web. Amazing networks promoting community and sustainability have been formed and continue to form in our hip and adventurous city (I am thinking specifically of the Timebank and Supportland, but there are so many others). Nurture's e-Village has been growing steadily and providing an e-space for connection as well as organization for future plans, and we have only scratched the surface of that site.

Technology, like everything else, has limitations and matters that need to be attended to. My family recently found ourselves in need of a serious technology upgrade, which has proved to be an, ahem, adventure to say the least. You may or may not have noticed and you may or may not continue to notice that Nurture's web-presence will be shifting to meet the ever-advancing progression of technology. Stay tuned, send good thoughts, and please be patient as we make some much needed changes.

We have so many exciting new programs and projects being created right now; I am really looking forward to sharing them with you, through our updated and fancy web structures, of course!

How appropriate that this just happens to be the 300th Nurture blog post. Cheers!

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