Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Breastfeeding: Body, Mind, & Soul workshop 4/24/10

* Breastfeeding: Body, Mind & Soul

Location: Nurture NE 1614 Alberta St. Portland , OR 97211
Date: April 24, 2010 1-4PM

Nurturing your child through breastfeeding involves your whole being. I invite expectant and new parents to come discover and share breastfeeding wisdom and information. In our three hour workshop we’ll cover a variety of topics and allow for plenty of conversation. The class outline is as follows:

Breastfeeding: Body, Mind & Soul


  • Holistically view breastfeeding basics, milk supply and the process of lactation
  • Receive guidance on optimal positioning, latch and reading baby’s signals
  • Learn about how nutrition and dietary issues impact breastfeeding
  • Discuss how birth impacts breastfeeding


  • Enjoy a safe space to share joys, fears and feelings surrounding breastfeeding
  • Discuss expectations and emotional components of breastfeeding
  • Talk about ways fathers and others can connect with the breastfed baby


  • Find out about community resources and sources of support
  • Receive affirmations for your breastfeeding journey
  • Make connections with other like-minded parents

Notes: Babies are welcome. Our meeting space has a play area adjacent to the class space should your little one need a break. Please keep in mind this is a workshop so if you have unique breastfeeding concerns that you’d like individual support for, please consider a private consultation. If this date does not work for you but you'd like to be on a list for a future class, let us know. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Please share this workshop info with other interested families

Melissa Cole, IBCLC
Board Certified Lactation Consultant

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