Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Acubirth: On-Call Acupuncture for Labor Support

Have you heard about PDX Acu-Birth? It is a group of acupuncturists who rotate being on-call to provide acupuncture for women in labor. Nurture's Family Wellness Collective Member, Molly Fitzpatrick, is one of the PDX Acu-Birth acupuncturists. Check it out...

PDX Acu-Birth
Perinatal Acupuncture,
Labor Call Service
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Discover optimal wellness

Introducing PDX Acu-Birth,

Portland’s first labor acupuncture call service.

What is PDX Acu-Birth?

It is an Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine service that provides perinatal care, encompassing the prenatal, birth and postnatal periods. Most notably, it is a network of specially trained, on call acupuncturists that provide acupuncture during labor to facilitate the birthing process. We are available 24 hours a day in the larger Portland Metro area.

What makes PDX Acu-Birth unique?

We are the only on call labor acupuncture service of this kind. To have acupuncture treatment assist your labor, simply call (503) 772-1830 to speak with the director, Jen Kearns. A specialized acupuncturist will be sent to your birth, no matter what Portland metro location and no matter what time of day or night. The acupuncturist will work collaboratively with your other caregivers and support team to enhance your birthing experience. We may attend hospital, birth center or home births.

Why would I want Acupuncture during Labor?

Acupuncture During Labor:

Results in Shorter Labor!

  • Keeps Labor Progressing
  • Regulates Contractions
  • Dilates the Cervix
  • Reduces Pain/Discomfort
  • Reduces Anxiety/Fatigue
  • Reduces Blood Loss
  • Assists if Premature Membrane Rupture
  • Decreases Cervical Swelling
  • Corrects Malposition (Back Labor)
  • Delivers Retained Placenta

About the Director…

Jen Kearns holds a Master’s of Science from Touro College’s Graduate Program of Oriental Medicine in NYC. She has spent 5 years in private practice, in addition to 2 years in clinical practice at a community hospital in Brooklyn, NY in the departments of Labor and Delivery, Oncology, General Medicine, and Neuro-Ortho Rehabilitation. She has done additional study in the areas of obstetrics, dermatology, pediatrics, orthopedic injury and rehabilitation, Chinese medical massage, mental health and addiction. She has also been practicing Yoga, Qi Gong and various forms of meditation for over 15 years.

Having experienced childbirth via cesarean section with a difficult recovery, Jen is passionately committed to helping women achieve natural childbirth. Acupuncture during labor is a safe, affordable and effective tool for doing so. PDX Acu-Birth is the most reliable and efficient service for highly skilled acupuncture birth attendance.

Jen Kearns M.S., L.Ac., Dipl. O.M
Director PDX Acu-Birth
(503) 772-1830

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