Monday, January 4, 2010

Supportland: Buying Local Just Got Better

My holiday shopping goal this year was to only buy local gifts, and I felt pretty good about reaching that goal. Supporting your local businesses is supporting your community, your neighbors, and your local economy. And as if that isn't enough incentive, Supportland comes on the scene and buying local gets even better...

Created by Katrina and Michael Scotto di Carlo (radical North Portland parents of two fabulous daughters), Supportland is a Portland based network that offers patrons rewards for frequenting local businesses. It works much like the little cafe stamp cards--after you get so many stamps you get a free latte--only better. With Supportland one card (or, if you prefer it can be on your iPhone) is used and points are tracked through the Supportland system. And it is FREE!

Of course, they do a much better job of explaining how it works in this video (if you can't see the video go here):

Supportland is starting out in North Portland and will be spreading throughout the city and beyond. I am excitedly awaiting my card's arrival. You can sign up to get one here.


Katrina Scotto di Carlo said...

Ah shucks, thanks for the love. Is this a good venue to announce that we love Nurture?

Nurture: Center for Growing Families said...

It sure is! You are welcome and thanks to you too, Katrina.