Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nurture Welcomes Melissa Cole

Nurture warmly welcomes Melissa Cole to our Family Wellness Collective. Melissa is a lactation consultant with many years of experience supporting families with breastfeeding. She is a mother of three and a knowledgeable woman. Here is a bit about her practice:

Supporting new families is a joy and an honor!
After welcoming your precious child into the world, coping with breastfeeding
challenges can be unexpected and very emotional for new parents. Working with an experienced lactation consultant can help you identify the source of your breastfeeding issues and empower you to discover new approaches to those issues.

I view lactation as a holistic process and respect each family’s unique health care beliefs. I am committed to offering compassionate, comprehensive support for all phases of breastfeeding. I strive to provide nurturing, clinical care so that each family can define their own breastfeeding success. Learn more about me and my private practice, Luna Lactation, here.

Why see an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)?
The IBCLC credentials are the gold standard for lactation qualifications. Read more here to learn more about this credential or read more on IBLCE’s web site.

There are many situations in which families can benefit from a private, professional lactation consultation. Some reasons to seek assistance from a board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) include but are not limited to:

Mother issues: milk supply issues, sore nipples/breasts, history of hormonal issues/infertility, past breast surgery, medical issues/illness, past breastfeeding problems, planning to return to work/school, other unresolved breastfeeding concerns(prenatally or postpartum).

Baby issues: weight gain concerns, latch concerns, prematurity, multiples, traumatic birth, jaundice, unresolved fussiness, medical/anatomical issues that impact feeding, baby being supplemented or using specialized feeding tools, sleep/growth/solid food guidance, adoption, any other unresolved feeding concerns.

Most appointment times are on the weekends and weekday evenings however I realize how critical timely and nurturing breastfeeding assistance is. I will do my best to schedule appointments ASAP. Once an established client, I will continue to provide you with care as long as the need exists and you will have access to prompt follow-up support.

For information on consultations available both in our office space and in the comfort of your own home, please read more here.

Connection is vital as families grow and find their way. I invite you to inquire about additional community resources that may benefit your family. My resource page is a great place to start.

Melissa Cole, IBCLC, RLC
360-830-MILK (6455)

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