Friday, July 31, 2009

Tummy Tubs

Have you heard about Tummy Tubs? They're a UK invention to make bath time more enjoyable for baby, easier for you and less stress for everyone involved. From what we've heard, if you're unable to take a bath with your baby, this is the next best thing.

With a Tummy Tub your cute baby is sitting in a bucket of water, which helps support her and keep her upright. You need to support her head under her chin, not her entire body as you would in a typical reclining baby bath. The advantage to the sitting position is that you have one hand free to wash baby.

The Tummy Tub keeps baby warm because she is covered in water and it is designed to mimic the womb, which helps calm and comfort a crying or frustrated baby. Your baby will naturally curl up in the fetal position, which adds to a calm and soothing bath experience.

So why not use a regular bucket? Makers of Tummy Tubs say that a regular bucket just won't cut it. The plastic of a household bucket may have toxic substances that can leech with warm water. A bucket can also have sharp corners or edges, whereas the Tummy Tub has rounded corners. A Tummy Tub is also designed clear, so you can see where how your baby is positioned and where to clean her.

Whichever route you choose, Tummy Tub or household bucket, let us know how bathing your baby goes.

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