Sunday, July 12, 2009

Smart Foods, Healthy Kids

If you've been searching for a free resource that has everything you ever wanted to know about feeding your children nutritious, healthy meals, look no further. Smart Foods, Healthy Kids is an online resource that offers classes, article, recipes, allergy information, blogs and fun tips to get your little one eating right.

Smart Foods, Healthy Kids encourages all eaters to follow these basic nutrition guidelines:
  • Listen to your body and intuition. Every body is different, so ONE SINGLE “perfect” diet for every person on the planet is unlikely.

  • You don’t have to change everything at once. If you eat two vegetables today, and yesterday you only ate one, you’ve DOUBLED your veggie intake!

  • When in doubt, pretend you’re a caveman. If you’re wondering whether something is healthy, imagine if a cave dweller would have stumbled upon it. If it comes in a plastic package with a lot of big, un-pronounceable words on the label, your genetics probably aren’t suited to whatever is in that bag.
With these ideas in mind, Smart Foods, Healthy Kids offers lots and lots educational opportunities that are fun and empowering for adults and kids. Check them out and let us know what great food tips you discovered.

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