Monday, May 11, 2009

Nurture Welcomes (with love) Sarah Nuxoll

Nurture welcomes Sarah Nuxoll to our Family Wellness Collective. Sarah offers many services for the postpartum period. She will soon be hosting a new mama group at Nurture as well as a down-to-earth postpartum workshop series. This is what Sarah says about the services she offers:

I believe that what babies need from us most of all, is heartfelt connection with us. It is to be acknowledged and related to as the unique and conscious beings they are, to be welcomed fully and lovingly into our community.

Yet, having a child doesn't always happen the way we imagine. Sometimes intense emotions about our pregnancy, birth, or just the realities of parenting a newborn, can make it feel difficult to be fully present with our baby.

If we can ask for and allow ourselves to receive help from others during this intense time of transitioning into parenthood, we can then relax more deeply into this intuitive emotional connection with our baby.

I would like to help nurture you and your family, by offering:

  • Ideas for welcoming your baby. I can help model ways of deeply relating to your child and welcoming them with love and consciousness.
  • Tools for healing to help you identify and unwind difficult emotions from your pregnancy or birth that may block this natural connection with your baby
  • Postpartum doula care, including breastfeeding assistance and help with your physical needs, to help you transition into parenting and allow you the time to bond with your baby
  • Parenting workshops to help you embrace emotional healing and take responsibility for your own happiness as a parent

About me
After several years of feeling frustrated as a parent, I began working toward deeper body-mind clarity and emotional and spiritual healing. Now I feel excited about engaging life, moving with my creativity, and allowing myself to feel happy as a parent.

Welcome with Love family care was born from the interweaving of my desire to assist others with emotional healing, and my passion for helping birthing families. What I share with you comes from insights from my experience as a mother of two, as a spiritual practitioner, and as an apprentice homebirth midwife. I look forward to meeting you!

Scheduling information
Location: I am happy to serve families in their homes in the Portland metro area. I am also available for phone consultation for those who live further away.

Days/Times: At present, my preferred availability is from 9am-3pm Monday thru Friday, though other times or days may be possible by prior arrangement.

Rates: I offer the first half-hour of our initial meeting for free, to be able to relax and spend some time simply getting to know you and your baby. After that, I request $25 per hour for my services, with a two-hour minimum per visit. If I need to travel more than 20 minutes to reach your home, I may request a small additional donation to help cover my childcare expenses during that time. Please contact me so we can talk together and feel if what I can offer is a good match for your family's needs.

Sarah Nuxoll 503-285-4906

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