Monday, May 18, 2009

Confident Birthing Classes next series

The next series of Angi Gunther's Confident Birthing Classes will be starting on June 20th and will meet each Saturday from 10am-12pm for five Saturdays (no class on July 4th).

What is Confident Birthing?

Just as a woman’s body is designed to grow and nourish her baby during 40+ weeks of pregnancy, her body is perfectly designed for birth. A woman who is confident will trust her baby to come when he or she is ready. She will rely not only on science, but also on her inner knowledge and trust of the process to make decisions during labor. Confidence in the birth process and in her ability to cope with labor decreases the amount of pain she will feel and increases her satisfaction with her birth experience. This is important because the way a woman feels about her birth will have an impact on other areas of her life. A positive experience will have positive affects on her self-image as a woman and as a mother. Confident Birthing leads to confident parenting! Confident Birthing is based on the principles of Lamaze International and supports Lamaze’s Six Care Practices for Normal Birth. For more information on Lamaze, please visit

Confident Birthing is a 5-week childbirth education series. We will meet once a week on Saturday mornings at Nurture.
We will discuss:
  • pregnancy & birth as a normal yet significant experience in a woman’s life
  • the role of pain in labor ·the emotional and physical needs of the birthing mother
  • the role of her partner and ·birth from the newborn’s perspective.

The fee for this class is $125 per couple. This includes class materials and yummy snacks each week!

Email Angi at to sign up.

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