Thursday, April 2, 2009

Childrens Books: A Secret Circus

Kind soul and magical local artist, Johanna Wright, shares a secret with the world in her first children's book, A Secret Circus. Only the sweet little Parisian mice know about the delightful whereabouts and workings of this circus. They sneak out into the night wearing their patchwork finest to make their way to the hidden attraction. They feast on the right circus-y snacks while watching the entertaining acts, and no human is the wiser about the secret spectacle. Johanna's tender paintings illustrate her charming account of the mice's clandestine world.

My children and I adore Johanna, and I would love to live in her paintings. She graciously shared her artwork at Nurture's grand opening last summer and has sprouted a little warmth in our hearts ever since. All last week my son has been exclaiming secret circus discoveries in every parking strip, garden nook, and undergrowth in giddy anticipation of this book. We wonder what Johanna has up her sleeve to wow us with next..."only the mice know"...

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