Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Antepartum/Prenatal Doula Care

Nurture's Family Wellness Collective has an array of doula services including pregnancy (Courtney Jarecki, Mychelle Moritz), birth (Courtney Jarecki, Tiffany Ueltschi), and postpartum doula care (Courtney Jarecki, Sarah Nuxoll). Doula care during your pregnancy provides you with extra support that many Both Courtney Jarecki and Mychelle Moritz offer doula care during pregnancy.

Courtney's Antepartum Doula Care Description:
For a lot of people, the concept of a Doula is a very new thing. Often, women don't have built‐in family support and a Doula can fill the gap for the new family by providing knowledge, compassion and practical support during this very important childbearing year. I am trained to provide Doula support during three different times of your childbearing year; pregnancy, labor and postpartum. My ongoing academic and professional experiences include training at Birthingway College of Midwifery, working as a Postpartum Doula at an established birthing center and research and training as I move towards becoming a Midwife. Throughout my work and responsibilities, I maintain a flexible schedule to ensure you will never be without Doula support.

As an Antepartum Doula, I will support you later in your pregnancy. Antepartum services can be especially helpful if you are a single or teen mom, have multiple children, are on bed rest, have severe morning sickness or have emotional trauma. I will provide informational, emotional, physical and practical support during your pregnancy with pregnancy massage, meal planning, educational labor preparation.

Mychelle's Pregnancy Doula Care Description:
When a pregnant mother receives care from a midwife, she is often given highly attentive individual care at each appointment including emotional support, connection, resources, and even massage. A mother receiving prenatal care in the medical system does not receive the same attention and support. While I do not offer medical or clinical care, I can offer the emotional support, physical comforting, resources, and connection that each mother and her partner/family deserves throughout pregnancy.

Each woman has different needs during their pregnancy. I can provide many different types of support based on your needs.
The following are some ideas of ways I can help:
  • emotional support, a person to listen to you without judgement or the need for reciprocation
  • resources: referrals, reading material, websites, general information, connections in the community, etc. I work hard to help you find what you need
  • neck, foot, and back rubs
  • birth preparation: informational and emotional preparation
  • belly casting
  • mother blessing, parent celebration, or baby shower planning: I can work with you or help guide your family and friends to create the celebration of your family that honors your lifestyle and preferences
  • creative projects
  • organizing postpartum meals from friends and family
  • assistance with planning & preparing for a baby
  • bed rest help and support
  • high-risk pregnancy support

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