Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An Open House Thank You

Our open house on March 14th was a good time had by all. I saw several familiar faces and made many new friends, thank you everyone for coming and celebrating Nurture's one year birthday.
Nurture has been such a gift in my life. Since co-founding it last year, I have been able to keep up professional activity while keeping my main focus at home with my family. Thank you to my family and friends for supporting me in this endeavor.

I have had the honor of working with mothers who have shared their stories of challenges, hopes, fears, and change. I appreciate your willingness to trust me. Thank you.

Nurture has also given me the wonderful gift of connection. Throughout this year, I have met so many people, mostly women, who are working to support growing families just as we are at Nurture. The connections I have made with these professionals has been sustaining and enriching in ways I cannot put into words. Thank you.

And thank you to all of the fabulous women who are a part of the Nurture collective. You are all a part of the previous category, but I think thanking you twice is quite short of all the thanks you deserve. I enjoy our collaborative efforts and love what Nurture has become this year. Thank you.

We had several door prizes to give away at the party. Congratulations to our winners, I will be contacting you soon to make sure you receive your gifts...

Milagros gift certificate winner: Angi G.
Winner of the Pediatric Wellness Session with Molly Fitzpatrick: Joanna M.
On Hour Massage with Tiffany Ueltschi winner: Melissa C.
Winner of Two Hours of Postpartum Support: Dan B.
Grasshopper gift certificate winner: Dave
Campbell Salgado Studios gift certificate winner: Lynette W.
SCRAP Membership winner: Kimberly D.

A big thank you to our local business for offering these terrific prizes! And an extra thank you to Campbell Salgado Studios for sharing your beautiful photographs with us, I have really enjoyed having them on our walls.

Enjoy a few pictures from the party...

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