Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nurture Welcomes Angi Gunther

We are excited to welcome Angi Gunther, LCCE to Nurture. Angi will be teaching childbirth education and doing an early pregnancy class at Nurture. Angi tells us about herself and her services...

I am a mom to three children born in 2001, 2004 & 2008. I received a lot of information and support during my first pregnancy and birth. My husband, childbirth instructor, Doula and midwives were very supportive and confident in my ability to birth my son. Inspired by my experience, I decided to change careers and become a Birth Doula and a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator.

I LOVE teaching Childbirth. I chose Lamaze because it aligns with my own philosophies about birth. Lamaze is not a method for giving birth. It is a philosophy that women have the innate ability to give birth and have the right to labor without unnecessary intervention. The classes that I teach focus on the normalcy of pregnancy and birth, trust in a woman’s body, and informed consent. I believe that parents need access to complete information regarding their options surrounding pregnancy and birth so that they can make truly informed decisions. It is a pleasure to support families during this special time and I am excited to offer Confident Birthing Childbirth and Early Pregnancy classes at Nurture!

Childbirth Education

What is Confident Birthing?

Just as a woman’s body is designed to grow and nourish her baby during 40+ weeks of pregnancy, her body is perfectly designed for birth. A woman who is confident will trust her baby to come when he or she is ready. She will rely not only on science, but also on her inner knowledge and trust of the process to make decisions during labor. Confidence in the birth process and in her ability to cope with labor decreases the amount of pain she will feel and increases her satisfaction with her birth experience. This is important because the way a woman feels about her birth will have an impact on other areas of her life. A positive experience will have positive affects on her self-image as a woman and as a mother. Confident Birthing leads to confident parenting!

Confident Birthing is a 5-week childbirth education series. We will meet once a week on Saturday mornings at Nurture. Our first series begins May 2nd!

We will discuss ·pregnancy & birth as a normal yet significant experience in a woman’s life ·the role of pain in labor ·the emotional and physical needs of the birthing mother ·the role of her partner and ·birth from the newborn’s perspective.

The fee for this class is $125 per couple. This includes class materials and yummy snacks each week! Email me at to sign up.

Confident Birthing is based on the principles of Lamaze International and supports Lamaze’s Six Care Practices for Normal Birth.

For more information on Lamaze, please visit

Early Pregnancy Class

Why do you need an Early Pregnancy Class?

Birth Planning begins when the birthing family chooses a care provider and birthplace. Your care provider and place of birth should share or at least respect your own philosophies about labor, birth & the care of your newborn.

The Early Pregnancy Class will cover everything you need to know to plan for the birth of your baby, including:

Prenatal Classes and Services, Care Providers, Choice of Birth Place, Doulas, Birth Planning, & More!

Dates for the Early Pregnancy Class to be announced!

For more info or to register for classes, please email me at

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