Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Feature Provider: Tia Rich

To celebrate the fabulous family-friendly community we enjoy here in Portland, now and then we will be featuring local mamas and professionals using an interview-style or, when we are feeling wild, some other format. Featured Mama on Monday and Friday Professional Features.

Tia Rich
My life has led me through many different paths, but oddly enough they have all offered valuable insight and learning to exactly where I am today, which is exactly where I planned to be from about the age of 16. I am a mother of 3 and soon to be grandmother. I work currently as a Birth Doula and teach both childbirth education and hypnobirthing. I believe knowledge is important for families to know in order to empower themselves toward a natural, positive birth. I am also a Midwifery student with Ancient Art Midwifery Institute and cannot fully express the joy I get from finally embarking on the journey to becoming a Midwife. I have spent my time working as a nurse spanning both life and death having worked in Labor and Delivery seeing the beauty of birth as well as working in Oncology (cancer) learning about and experiencing the incredible beauty of release into death. There truly is a vast number of similarities in birth and death and the way it is treated in our society. In the midst of this work I became trained as a Reiki master healer, and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Business name/service:
Inner Serenity Childbirth Services

Tell us a bit about the wonderful work you do:
I feel honored as a Doula when I am invited into the sacred and intimate space of a couple or mother that is their birth time. I support birth first by offering education, depending on the type of doula support I offer 3-4 prenatal visits which are full of childbirth education. I feel for me that a key to successful support during the birth process is to have both knowledge and connection to the family I am there to support, which is not something I feel I could foster in just one prenatal visit. I offer hypnobirth as a way for many women to access their more primal, self aware selves. In our society which is so very analytically oriented, surrendering to our intuition and primal self is not necessarily easy. Hypobirthing offers the tools for mothers to surrender and go within. Hypnosis can also be very beneficial for healing, which again is very often needed today. Healing from sexual and medical traumas that have been done to us that may hinder birth release energy. One key to the support I give is the comfort and belief that even if a family is choosing to birth in a hospital that they can successfully spend the majority of their time at home safely supported and monitored.

How did you discover this path?:
Discovering the path of being a Doula began 5 years ago as I began to research how I could support birthing while working towards becoming a Midwife. I decided to no longer work as a nurse feeling that the manner in which medical birth was being given did not fit with my beliefs about birth. I discovered Childbirth International and received my certification as a Birth Doula and trained locally with a clinical hypnotherapist to receive my certification.

What do you cherish most about your work?:
I cherish every healthy baby who is allowed to journey into this world at their own time. I cherish every mother and family who has been able to embrace their pregnancy as the sacred journey that it is, to feel empowered and healthy. I love that I get to share in these moments. I would love that my support was not needed, that this was a standard of care all families could expect to receive, but at this point in time, I find the support I give is very important for such natural births to occur.

Share a family-friendly tip:
One tip I always give to pregnant women is to tell family and friends the due date that is actually 2 weeks past her actual due date. This aids her in not being bombarded with the many comments of "hasn't she had that baby yet", or continual contact for updates. I believe this takes the pressure off, if just a little bit for mothers.

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