Sunday, January 11, 2009

St. John's Swap -n- Play

Have you ever had an experience when you wish for something and then, a few days later, there it is? I had one recently...

A few months ago I heard about the Sunnyside Swap Shop and wished out loud that we had one in our area. About a month or so later, I was walking by a shop near my house and in the window there was a sign announcing the opening of Swap-n-Play in St. John's! The open house was scheduled for January 10th! This was most exciting news to that I had meant to post on this blog, but life is so full and busy, it just escaped me.

I almost missed the open house, but I thankfully ran into a friend who reminded me just in time and I made it before it was over.

Not only was I impressed with the program's structure, but I also met several parents with whom I am looking forward to spending more time there.

A naked baby (family) party, an indoor park, a household tool library, and a community center all in one...just what I need to get through the rest of the winter...just when I needed it, as the longing for spring seems to be here a month early this year.

Check out the Swap -n- Play. If you are interested in swapping toys and clothes, but just can't commit to a program right now, join us on January 18th for Nurture's Naked Baby Party. Of course, you can always do both!

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