Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Professional Features: Rebecca Andersson

To celebrate the fabulous family-friendly community we enjoy here in Portland, we will be featuring local mamas and professionals interview-style or, when we are feeling wild, some other format. Featured Mama on Monday and Friday Professional Features.

Rebecca Andersson

I am a mama to Zoe (11 yo) and Esmee (almost 3 yo), is a cultural anthropologist by training who now spends her days learning how to nourish her family, build community and tread lighter on our planet by "refunctioning" the tasks of domesticity, child rearing and home making.

Business Name:
Portland Green Parenting

Tell us a bit about the wonderful work you do:
Portland Green Parenting is a local, welcoming parenting community with a focus on being "green" and how to live sustainably while raising our children. PGP connects and supports families through an active and resourceful online forum as well as through lots of fun family friendly events, workshops, potlucks, food buying groups and more. We can help make it easier to shop locally and in season for organic produce and natural foods-- all while on a budget! We also offer Earth and family friendly products through our small web shop.

How did you discover this path?:
PGP came about after our family relocated to Portland from CA in 2007. It was a way of addressing my need for connection, community, friendship and learning in our brand new location where we knew next to no one. I feel blessed that PGP spoke to lots of other families and rapidly grew into the wonderful community it is today.

What do you cherish most about your work?
I am excited to be making a difference in the lives of new parents! I really enjoy getting feedback about how PGP can help new mamas, who sometimes might be feeling lonely or isolated, meet new friends and make real connections with each other. I also really appreciate knowing that PGP helps families eat organic, local food at affordable prices. Being part of a community and seeing these real connections and friendships happen is very exciting and empowering. It feels like, together, we really can make a difference!

Share a family-friendly tip:
Join a co-op! It's a great way to pool your resources with friends and neighbors to save time, money, and energy and get tasks accomplished while having fun and building real relationships with others.

Contact info., hours, etc.:
Portland Green Parenting website

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