Tuesday, November 18, 2008

girls ROCK!

It is fundraising time of year again, so I wanted to promote a really cool program for girls...
The Rock and Roll Camp for Girls here in Portland, and they are one of the organizations featured in the Willamette Week's 2008 Give Guide. WWeek is giving out fancy prizes to donors and all donations to the Rock Camp are tax deductible. There may also be an additional tax credit benefit if you donate through the Oregon Cultural Trust.
A description of the Rock Camp is here: http://giveguide.oaktree.com/NonProfits.aspx
And the link to donate directly is here: http://giveguide.oaktree.com/Donate.aspx
$500 sends one girl to rock camp and boosts her self-esteem and confidence in an amazing way. $25 buys 3 pairs of drumsticks! The goal of the camp is to never turn away any girl, even if she can't pay for camp herself. The Rock Camp also offers programs for us older ladies too - so, if you ever thought you might like to play an instrument or form a band (even just for a weekend), check them out. The Rock Camp's website is here: http://www.girlsrockcamp.org/main/

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