Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Eight Amazing Stories from Eight Amazing Women

This past weekend, eight amazing women (and several beautiful children) gathered to tell their birthing stories at Nurture's BOLD Red Tent...stories of strength, beauty, fear, empowerment, confusion, and healing. Each woman created a collage of their birthing story on strips of paper. After everyone had an opportunity to tell their story, the strips were woven together in a loom. The metaphor of the interconnectedness of women's stories and the strength of women supporting and honoring each other is inherent in the process of weaving. The birth story tapestry will become a part of the BOLD Library of Truths. (I will post a picture of the tapestry soon!)

I felt honored to hear each story and witness the power of silent supportive listening. Thank you to everyone who came and shared. I look forward to hosting the next BOLD Red Tent early next year.

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