Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kiss the Earth: Days of the Dead/Samhain Celebration

Kiss the Earth
Days of the Dead
Samhain Celebration

Sunday October 26 FREE
Soup & Cinema limited space rsvp
6pm-9pm, Theme: Home Wakes & Funerals / Days of the Dead
Community Altar rsvp
Bring candle, poem, object or other symbolic memorial of your ancestors and place them on the community altar.

Friday October 31 HALLOWEEN FREE
Family Mask & Lantern Making / Lantern Blessing Procession rsvp
Halloween, October 31, Friday 3pm til dark, procession at dusk
Community Altar building continues (through Sunday evening) no rsvp required
Make and offering out of materials provided and weave it into the community memorial loom.

Saturday November 1
Kiss the Earth Natural Burial Retreat 9am-5pm, $150 pre-registration required
In this workshop we will gather together to consider how we would like to be honored in our (or how we might honor another in their) final passage from earth.

Sunday November 2
Samhain, 10am-4pm, $50/session or $75/all day pre-registration required
Bread & Winter Gardens: wild sourdough starter, winter saunas and
garden infrastructure in preparation for the deep winter hearth.
Winter Light Beeswax, candles, oil lamps, and lanterns.

Community Altar Closing Ceremony FREE no rsvp necessary, DUSK
Join us in song as we burn our fabric, paper, earth weaving as a symbol of release.

call: 503.750.1415

Celebration takes place at:
857 N. Prescott
on the corner of Mississippi & Prescott
across from the Albina Triangle

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