Sunday, September 7, 2008

Following BIRTH the play, Nurture hosts BOLD Red Tent

Calling all Mothers
Gather…tell your birth stories…gain support inside
the BOLD Red Tent

Hosted by Nurture
October 11, 2008 12pm-3pm


Pre-registration is required, space is limited

For more information, please visit Nurture's webstite
To register, please e-mail
or call Mychelle at 971-344-7527

You are invited to join us for the powerful experience of sharing your birthing story in a safe, intimate and nurturing space surrounded by mothers. We will share, honor, and preserve our stories by creating a collaborative birth experience sculpture. We welcome mothers to be part of this opportunity to speak, create, listen, heal, and celebrate themselves as birthing women.

Through the gathering of birth stories in the form of visual art, film, or written word from world-wide BOLD Red events, BOLD will create a traveling exhibit to educate, tell the truth and inspire people around the world to take action to make maternity care mother-friendly. The BOLD Library of Birth Truths will also be available for researchers to access.

Your story can be a part of the collaborative sculpture to be included in this library and help inspire change for mothers.

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