Sunday, August 17, 2008

Workshop for New Grandmothers Now Offered Monthly!

So much has changed, so much has stayed the same...If you are a mother-to-be who wants to educate your mother or your partner's mother or both, tell her (them) about this workshop! Vicky York is a postpartum doula, lactation consultant, author, and grandmother and her training offers information that will help your parent support you in helpful ways.

The Grandmother-Effect lives on

Whether first grandbaby, multiples, adoption, single mom, or
same-sex can be prepared to help. Take your place in the family dynamic.

In this ongoing 2-hour workshop, you’ll learn how to effectively help
your daughters and sons after the birth

  • Listen beyond their words
  • Get tips even mama doesn’t know about
  • What’s new and what’s old in parenting
  • The magical swaddle - learn to turn your grandchild into a burrito!
  • How to support breastfeeding, even if you did not nurse your own
  • What to do when baby will not stop crying
  • What to do when your daughter will not stop crying
  • How to help from a distance
  • How to reassure the family; leave them happy and confident as only grandparents can do

    Sound advice from a certified postpartum doula
    and lactation consultant, author and grandma

    WHEN: First Wednesday of the month
    6:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.
    WHERE: Nurture, LLC
    Center for Women and Families
    1614 NE Alberta Street
    COST: $20 per person/couple

    Private classes on request $35.

    To register or for more information, contact:
    Vicky York, IBCLC, CPD
    Postpartum Care Services
    discounted postpartum doula services when gift certificates bought at class.