Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Father's Day

The role fathers play seems to have changed so much over the past several years, or maybe it just seems that way since I have become a parent. When I was a child, I never knew a father that stayed at home while his partner worked, now I know several. Not that staying at home is the only way that the father role has shifted, but it is illustrative of the changes that I have noticed. I hesitate to say that fathers are more involved these days because I do not think that would be accurate; it is more about how fathers are involved rather than how much.

Whatever your role, fathers, Happy Father's Day!

Here are a few Father's Day goodies:
DIYfather is a blog by fathers for fathers with clips from the Evolution of Dad film maker's documentary for Father's Day of interviews of people in NY talking about their dads.

Doodaddy is a blog by a stay at home dad with a young daughter and one on the way.

For all of you radical dads, Rad Dad is a blog that provides information about Rad Dad the "zine about fathering in dangerous times".

I Hate Snaps is a daddyblogger who writes about being a dad, his continuing quest for green parenting, and more.

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