Monday, April 28, 2008

Prenatal & Postpartum Workshop Series

Prenatal Series
6/7 1p-3p Birth Sculpture
6/14 1p-3p Nurturing Your Relationship
6/21 1p-3p Belly Cast Decorating

Postpartum Series
6/7 10a-12p Honoring Your Birth Experience
6/14 10a-12p Mother Sculpture
6/21 10a-12p Baby Art

Each class is $35 or $90 for all three in a series if you register before June 1, 2008. As always at Nurture, sliding scale spots are available.

To register, contact Mychelle at 971-344-7527 or

Prenatal Series
Birth Sculpture:
The creation of birth sculptures not only provides you with a tangible memory of your pregnant form as well as certain feelings and beliefs during pregnancy, but also can serve as a symbol of power and strength during the birthing process. In this workshop, you and other expectant mothers will explore and challenge your ideas about pregnancy and birth through the process of sculpting with clay. As you work the clay, the birth sculpture emerges, becoming a meaningful symbol of beliefs about birth and motherhood, and a tangible reminder of your innermost strengths. All materials will be provided by the workshop. Arrangements will be made for those wanting to kiln-fire their finished birth sculptures. To register, contact Mychelle at 971-344-7527 or
Date and Times: 6/7/08 1p-3p
Cost: $35

Nurturing Your Relationship to Prepare for Your Baby's Arrival:
Preparing for the changes your new baby will bring to the relationship between you and your partner is just as important as buying a crib or a sling or decorating the baby's room. You and your partner are invited to begin to explore postpartum expectations as a couple. Discuss hopes, fears, and beliefs regarding roles and responsibilities. During this workshop, you will create, as a couple, a symbol, using art materials, that celebrates the strengths and supports within your relationship now and that can be reflected upon tenderly postpartum. To register, contact Mychelle at 971-344-7527 or
Date and Times: 6/14/08 1p-3p
Cost: $35/couple

Belly Cast Decoration:
Creating a belly cast is a wonderful way to honor your body's amazing transformation during pregnancy. After pregnancy, as your infant becomes your toddler, and your toddler becomes your child, your beautiful belly cast will be a lovely memory of the earliest connecting moments between you and your baby. In this workshop, expectant mothers in the last weeks of their pregnancies are invited to bring their belly casts into a creative space to embellish/decorate them in ways that honor/commemorate their pregnant bellies and their pregnancy. We will provide all supplies for decorating the belly casts. You are also welcomed to bring any found or other significant objects for their casts. Partners, friends or other support persons are warmly welcomed! If you need belly casting materials and instructions, please ask when you call to register for this workshop. Contact Mychelle at 971-344-7527 or
Date and Times: 6/21/08 1p-3p
Cost: $35/belly cast

Postpartum Series
Honoring Your Birth Experience:
The story of the childbirth may be one of the most incredible journeys that you can share with your child. The process of giving birth, whether it is natural or medical, in the hospital or at home, is one of the most extraordinary experiences in a woman's life. Birthing a child can often feel wonderful, be filled with loving memories, and have a textbook effortlessness. Often, however, moments of the birthing experience that lingers most strongly after giving birth are those that were unplanned, unexpected, painful and disappointing. Processing these events in a safe and nurturing space can promote a new understanding and healing. In this workshop, you and other new mothers will be supported to share and process both positive and negative birth experiences. You are invited to honor your birth story by creating a special memory book. All materials will be furnished by the workshop. You are welcome to bring any special objects from home to include in their memory books. To register, contact Mychelle at 971-344-7527 or
Date and Time: 6/7/08 10a-12p
Cost: $35

Mother Sculpture:
During pregnancy, a mother's body is beloved. Other people often focus on how a pregnant woman's body is growing and changing. Some even want to touch the blossoming belly just to feel the energy emitted by the wonder of life that is growing and changing within. After childbirth, however, for many women, their bodies may feel foreign, not their own because mothers give so much physically, but also because their bodies are different, and in many ways, may never be the same again. In this workshop, mother sculptures will be created by you to explore how you feel about your changing body and self as a mother. Through the creation of the sculpture, you will begin the process of integration and acceptance of your new identity in a safe and supportive environment. All art materials will be furnished by the workshop. To register, contact Mychelle at 971-344-7527 or
Date and Time: 6/14/08 10a-12p
Cost: $35

Baby Art:
In this workshop, you will be supported in making art to commemorate your new baby. Through the use of drawing, painting, collage, clay, or whatever materials may evoke creativity, you can be inspired and guided through the artistic process by watching, exploring and seeing your little baby in this moment of quiet and calm. The timeless memories captured through this process will be meaningful not only to you but also to your ever-growing child. Please bring your baby to this class. You are also welcomed to bring any photos or other special memorabilia to be used in your artwork. Partners, friends or other support persons are warmly welcomed! Contact Mychelle at 971-344-7527 or
Date and Times: 6/21/08 10a-12p
Cost: $35

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