Thursday, April 24, 2008

May Workshops

We have two new workshops in May:

Belly Cast Finishing Workshop
Do you have a belly cast that you have been meaning to decorate for months…or even years? You are not alone. Join us for a lighthearted belly cast decorating workshop: finish your belly cast, reminisce about your beautiful pregnant belly, and be in awe of the wonders of passing time. Bring your belly cast, stories, and any personal effects you would like to incorporate into your design. You are also welcome to bring your family. We will provide supplies, general decorating tips, and wholesome snacks.
Cost: $20 per belly cast
5/10/08 10a-12p
Please contact Mychelle to reserve a space (971) 244-7527 or

*If you are currently pregnant and wanting to do a belly cast, we will have a workshop for you in June!

Nesting is a term that is often used to describe the uncontrollable urge to clean and organize that a pregnant woman often experiences towards the end of her pregnancy and often just before going into labor. Nesting, as presented in this workshop, is about exploring what you see as important as being present within your physical and emotional nest or home. Just as bird takes time and care, gathering stick by twig by tuft of fluff to create the perfect spot for resting her eggs that is gentle, safe and protected, in this workshop, you will explore, through the creation of your own nest, what environment you hope to create/have created as a family and how the values you live by will /do impact parenting and your family. Using found objects, you will create a 3-D nest that for you can represent safety, support, and home, processing prenatal expectations and hopes as well as postpartum realities. This workshop is open to expectant parents as well as parents with babies and children. Come as a family or come by yourself. All materials will be furnished by the workshop. Participants are invited to bring any special objects from home to include in their nests.
Cost: $20 per nest
5/31/08 10a-12p
To register, contact Mychelle at 971-344-7527 or

We also have a prenatal workshop series and a postpartum workshop series, both will begin in June...check back soon for details!

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